Recruitment services

Recruitment services

APS PROFIT Polska located in Szczecin. Our recruitment agency provides recruitment services at present in Poland, Denmark, Norway ,Sweden, Finland, Germany, The UK, and on infrequent basis in other European countries. Our company possesses a license granted by Marshal’s Office of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship for providing following recruitment services: employment agency in the Republic of Poland, labour exchange agency for citizens working for foreign employers and temporary work agency.

We have been on Polish market for 9 years now, rapidly developing our business and the range of services offered. Teamvikaren Polska specialises in seeking/recruiting polish and eastern workers ( Ukraine, Mordovia, Georgia, Belorussia, Armenia)  for companies based in Poland and polis workers for international employers based in other EU countries in : metal and manufacturing industry, production, farming and building sectors, international petrochemical industry ( including highly skilled professionals) and finally in logistic & warehouses sectors . Besides, we are assisting in finding employees in any other industrial, private or public sectors, highly skilled professionals as well as less skilled professionals and young beginners for any manual positions.

APS PROFIT Polska  highly appreciates contacts with the customers. We are conformable to the clients’ needs and provide these workers or professionals that fulfil your criteria. We are in position to find for you relevant candidates within a couple of days or provide them immediately from our database. We are also able to organise the arrival of employee to the place of work in a very short periods based on arrangement with the customer. Finally, based on the arrangement with a costumer, we reserve a costumer right to verify the qualifications of our candidate at the place of work based on try & hire system. This gives our potential customer a chance to prove the real abilities and usefulness of the candidate before actual legal bind commence. As a result the customer is prevented from unnecessary expenses.

We are also ready to consider any forms of employment of potential workers in Poland and in your countries if within EU. One –time recruitment or a very attractive and significant cost & time reducing system for our client – leasing of Polish workers on the basis of an agency contract signed between us in Poland and your company. Therefore temporary is employee assigned for particular task or job if it is seasonal or defined by exact timing frames. This system of temporary work means that workers are not employed at client’s company but remain in commitment relation with our agency which takes care of the whole personnel and financial related services in Poland and in EU countries including registration and provision of all social insurance contribution as required by EU directive . Teamvikaren Polska reports, accounts, pay remuneration and prepare annual settlement of employees. We settle accounts with you only on the basis of an invoice.

If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact directly Head of Office in Szczecin (we speak fluent English):

Artur Sawastian
Board Director

By contacting us in person, phoning our office or writing to us you will receive any other additional information on us, our offer and terms of co-operation.

Temporary work and employee leasing


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